Evolve Artist Block 1 Assignment 14: Cone, Pear, Stand

Overall Thoughts

  • These paintings are starting to look much more 3-D!
  • Also, they’re harder >.<
  • The overall “forest” view of my images look much better, but when you zoom in, there are definitely areas where things aren’t as smooth…
  • It was the first time I successfully pulled off a highlight on an extreme light section (pear, and stand) by painting the negative space around the highlight with a half-step-darker add-mixture. I learned that technique from my last 1:1 with Piper.
  • Side note: I participated in Evolve’s 21-day challenge, and won! They said they’re sending a prize in the mail…dunno what it is, but looking forward to it!

TK YT Pub Assignment video here

Total time spent:

  • 5 hours ish

If I were to start this painting over right now, what would I do differently?

  • Take more time! Especially on gradients and on highlights

Day 1

  • At the tail end of the last assignment, I used maybe an hour or less to fill in the extreme shadow and about 1/6 of the background color

Day 2

  • Sat 5/7 painted from about 5pm to 10pm
  • Considered for a while, then decided to redo the pear stand to be mod shadow instead of extreme shadow, which involved repainting that part
  • But part of the last hour was using up leftover paint on the  next assignment 😉

Final Submission

This is the final painting I submitted for grading:

I submitted the assignment at around on 3:22pm ish Sunday 5/8, and got a response same day at 4:30pm on the dot. They’re fast!

My Questions & Instructor Feedback

What I learned:

  • Apparently I don’t have to worry about extreme shadow gradients into extreme light, it doesn’t happen with form shadows in EA assignments. Whew!
  • As expected, those gradients still need more smoothing >.<

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Lesson Video Notes

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Initial Thoughts

Date #, 2022

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