Evolve Artist Block 1 Assignment 9: Mushroom and Cone

Overall Thoughts

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Total time spent:

  • Started at 10:23am, finished around 2:30pm, so it looks like 4 hours is the average for a painting like this.

If I were to start this painting over right now, what would I do differently?

  • Nothing much this time I think I’m starting to learn my lessons.
  • But the one horizon line on the right is a bit crooked, I’d want to straighten it up. It followed the shadow too much. I need to more regularly look at the big picture when I’m painting, not just zoom in on the small details.
  • I did plan ahead a little bit to do gradients right after laying down the base colors, so I don’t let the paint dry too much while I’m working on other aspects of the painting.
  • For gradients, I did less wiping and more picking up new paint, and that seems to work?

Day 1

  • I used a #2 paintbrush for the first time! That gradient at the bottom of the mushroom cap was REALLY THIN
  • Gradients are looking a bit better, but still could improve
  • I’ve been using my leftover paint to make some more old-Sammy-Keyes-covers-like “illustrations”
  • I’ve gotten far more efficient with cleaning up afterwards

Final Submission

This is the final painting I submitted for grading:

I submitted the assignment at around 9:58pm 3/26/22, and got a response at TK.

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My Questions & Instructor Feedback

  • For this submission, the instructor said the values were spot on, edges clean and precise, gradients getting stronger…
  • It’s okay to use a smaller brush for smaller gradients
  • But use a wider buffer on the mushroom head for a smoother gradient, and experiment more with brush technique to get that perfect gradient.

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Lesson Video Notes

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