Evolve Artist Block 2 Assignment 13: Painting 3 “A Spot of Tea” (Cup, Box, Soap)

Overall Thoughts

Challenged myself a little bit with an all-black cup with handle. The handle turned out a bit skinny, but the overall effect went well. I stuck to my self-made rule of including at least one origami/paper art object and one rectangular/square-shaped object in the still life setup. In this case, they are one and the same: an origami box.

It was also difficult to do the box leaning on its side in a tilted diamond shape, instead of straight up-and-down. Sketches are still taking forever (2-3 hours), not the half hour that they recommend, but you gotta do what you gotta do…otherwise I’d have to simplify the painting majorly, and while that might shave down my sketch time, it would make for a boring painting.

TK YT Pub Assignment video

Total time spent:

  • 11:30ish to 12 on 7/11, 6-8pm to finish the sketch (~2.5 hours)
  • Painted from 11:16am on 7/16 to 5:42pm (7 hours, not straight through, I did step away a few times)
  • Continued painting to use up leftover paint + cleanup lasted until after 6:40pm (1 hr)
  • For a total of about 10.5 hours

If I were to start this painting over right now, what would I do differently?

  • Plan how to center the image on the canvas better before sketching, to avoid erasing so often.

Day 1: Sketching

  • 7/11 Sketched the cup, box, and soap. Ended up making two sketches because the first one was a bit small and I didn’t have space to fit all the measurements on it.

Day 2: Painting

  • Painted while semi-watching SVS (Society of Visual Storytellers) free trial course on drawing.

Final Submission

This is the final painting I submitted for grading:

Based on this sketch:

Based on this measurement:

Based on this setup:

I submitted the assignment at around on 11:47pm on 7/16, and got a response at TK.

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My Questions & Instructor Feedback

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Lesson Video Notes

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