Evolve Artist Block 2 Assignment 17: Canary Notes (origami canary & note cards)

Overall Thoughts

Finally remembered to do the distance-blur effect for this painting (at least for the far side of the note cards)! Which I kind of forgot in the last few assignments. oops…

I also tried to be a lot more systematic. After filling in colors from dark to light, I reminded myself to check the half step down, then half step up for each of the values. It really does help to have a subject that has fewer components to reduce the number of things i have to check. For the most part, the main body of the bird is MS, the note card top and edges are all one color, then the back edge of the bird is ML, and there are only two cast shadows. That gives me a total of about 8 areas to do reflections and highlights on. Easier than before when I had multiple areas to keep track of.

Also felt like the notecards turned our pretty well, a little uneven, as it is in real life. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of painting, you can’t always tell if it’s working. It’s not until you take some time away, let it dry, etc, that you get a real accurate look.

TK YT Pub Assignment video

Total time spent:

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If I were to start this painting over right now, what would I do differently?

  • Give myself more time!
  • Add an object that has more scope for practicing gradients (something rounded)
  • Add distance blur to the back edge of the paper canary as well
  • Wrap up the paint session by double checking ALL edges to make sure they’re clean (if they’re supposed to be clean) or blurry (review EA checklist!)
  • Step back a few times to see the painting from different perspectives/distances

Day 1

  • The drawing part took a bit under an hour.

Final Submission

This is the final painting I submitted for grading:

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I submitted the assignment at around 12:27pm on Monday 8/29/22, and got a response at 3:10pm, August 29.

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My Questions & Instructor Feedback

  • At what point do we stop the blurring the distance, when it comes to an object that starts in the foreground and recedes into the background? For example, with my note cards, I blurred the very back edge as Kevin taught, but wasn’t sure whether to blur the entire left hand edge as well or just the back half of the left hand edge. (I ended up doing the latter, is that right?)
  • Is this subject matter too easy? I just realized I didn’t have much by way of gradients, but I did try to capture the nuances of the paper folds, creases, and indents. Next time I’ll add something round in there.
  • Not 100% confident on the values I assigned, especially for the bird feet, but hopefully this was correct?
  • For the bird’s cast shadow, the photo shows it rather blurry, but our rule is to make all cast shadows sharp, right? That’s what I went with.

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Lesson Video Notes

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Initial Thoughts

Date #, 2022

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Notes on TK Assignment Name

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