Evolve Artist Block 3 Assignment 4: Tape, butterfly, mouse

Overall Thoughts

One of the hardest ones, in terms of matching colors.

  • Lightened the background brown
  • Couldn’t quite pick the right colors, not sure if part of that is because I’m comparing it to a phone screen
  • Remembered to keep track of what colors I mixed
  • Used leftover paint to paint gerbils
  • Spent extra time afterwards cleaning up edges
  • Cleaning up took FOREVER….had to wash my palette several times, couldn’t decide on the perfect pink, that took forever.
  • Choosing a still life setup was tricky, I took forever changing angles and trying to figure out what I liked best, but I ended up with this one, I’m satisfied with.
  • I actually tried a few different colored construction paper backgrounds before settling on the light brown, it seemed to look best with the objects I chose in the foreground. One blue was too bright, the other just didn’t feel right.
  • I put to use a tip I learned from one of the previous email exchanges I had with one of the instructors: Added a small ball in the corner of the photo setup to use as my “unit of one” It was pretty useful, although I wish I had a different colored ball. Shiny gold is still a bit tricky to measure ๐Ÿ˜‰
Some alternative colors

TK YT Pub Assignment video

Total time spent:

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If I were to start this painting over right now, what would I do differently?

  • Don’t accidentally squeeze out too much burnt umber
  • Maybe don’t compare colors to the iphone screen
  • Circle of the tape was a bit wrong…shouldn’t have been so wide, I think.
  • Next time, maybe I should try using disposable palette paper, and be SUPER EXTRA SYSTEMATIC with color picking, it will probably save cleaning time.
  • Angle of the right side of the butterfly wing not correct, measurement for that entire right side is a bit off.
  • Angle the mouse more so that it looks more like this mouse on the music stand, would have been more interesting:

Day 1

  • Friday, 11/4, spent some time in the afternoon sketching, off and on while doing chores and eating snacks in between ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 2

  • Saturday 11/5 was painting. From before 10am until just after 7pm. That includes the whole painting (mixing colors, painting), plus using up extra paint to make a gerbil painting in my notebook, plus (this took the most time) cleaning brushes and palettes
  • I may have plugged by sink with the paint residue, now that I think of it.

Final Submission

This is the final painting I submitted for grading:

I actually submitted a few different angles because I saw a video from Piper earlier that said we should do that to give instructors a better idea of the actual colors:

I submitted the assignment at 3:41 pm on Sunday 11/6, and got a response at TK.

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Instructor Feedback

  • TK

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Lesson Notes

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Initial Thoughts

Date #, 2022

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Notes on TK Assignment Name

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