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Overall Thoughts

Since I started the Evolve program in February 2022, the team has put together three challenges (so one every few months).

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I love challenges and plan to participate in all of them. Here’s how they went:

Challenge 1: 10 Day Check List Challenge (February 1-10, 2022)

This was a bingo-style challenge and even as a new student who didn’t get her box until the challenge was part way through, I was able to complete it anyhow 😉

In fact, this challenge was one of the reasons I started an Instagram account, after years of resistance/ignoring the platform. Just so I could post my art progress and tag Evolve in it: @sarahscreativeyearbook

Here’s what I submitted:

Challenge 2: 21 Day Challenge (April 11-May 2, 2022)

The point of this challenge was to set an intention for the three weeks, and record what we learned. We were given worksheets to download, but not required to fill them out. To fulfill the challenge we just had to post a summary of what we learned in the Facebook thread.

[Some of this content is available for patrons only!]

Here’s the 21 Day Focus Challenge PDF

For my entry at the end of the challenge, I wrote:

My main takeaway was: challenges are fun but even more important is to just keep to a regular pace. Right now for me that’s averaging 1 painting a week, and the challenge didn’t change that very much except for one thing: I had some unexpected stuff crop up week 1 which is why I didn’t get around to painting that week, but having the challenge encouraged me to step up my production and do two paintings week 2 to make up for it. I also scheduled a really helpful 1:1 (thanks Piper!), so overall I was glad to participate in the challenge. Hope we have these again once in a while in the future 😃

And I won an Evolve cup for this one!

[TK photo here]

Challenge 3: 7-Day Challenge (October 10-16, 2022)

The goal of this challenge is to spend at least an hour a day painting. I don’t think I will actually do that, because I’m just now starting on Block 3 and I want to take a good long time to examine and watch/rewatch the videos and figure out my strategy (may have to email the instructors some questions), but for the challenge, I think I will challenge myself to reflect on the second half of my block 1 and as many of my block 2 exercises as I can, writing up blog posts and creating vlogs for each one. Vlogs first, blog after.

We also got downloadable worksheets for this one:


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