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  • Do what Kevin said in block 1 vids!
  • You could use a dry brush to mix wet paint, but there’s an easier way: buffers.
  • Use very little paint on your brush when applying your admixture. Remove any extra paint.
  • Summary
    • Goal: Contrast between sharp edges and soft inner edges
    • Admixture must be perfectly in between the two values
    • Stay over the edge as you work
    • Use a steep slope brush stroke (no horizontal lines)
    • Leave your brush on the canvas
    • DON’T flip your brush
    • Clean brush often, pick up more paint as needed
    • Use a tattered edge
    • No wide marks

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List of Evolve links

Links to rooms, pages, and anything you might need at Evolve!

Piper Talladay
Written 4 months ago
1. Homework portal – Submit Homework and view responses: https://go.evolveartist.com/
2. Courses – Watch lessons and see assignments: https://courses.evolveartist.com/
3. Events page – Student calendar, pre-recorded classes: https://go.evolveartist.com/events
4. Private Facebook Group – Student updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/evolvestudygroup
6. One-on-One meeting roomhttps://whereby.com/evolvers02
7. Study Group Room and Live class Roomhttps://whereby.com/evolvers
9. Technical/Billing help: hello@evolveartist.com
10. Homework help: instructors@evolveartist.com


Why are there two platforms for lessons and homework?

Piper Talladay
Written 1 year ago

If you’ve logged into the homework portal and the learning portal, you know that there are two separate platforms here at Evolve.

The first is courses.evolveartist.com and this is where you will watch all of your videos and learn what your assignment is for each exercise.

The second is go.evolveartist.com, also known as the homework tool. This is where you will submit your homework and where you can see “The Wall”.

Keep in mind that these two platforms are separate, so you may set different passwords for each one. We recommend changing both passwords so they match, and you will always use the email you signed up with to login.

At this point, the way our systems are designed prevents us from connecting the two, but hopefully, in the future they will be joined! But for now, make sure your passwords match and stay logged in for easy access to both sites!


Can I use two emails accounts?

Piper Talladay

Updated 1 week ago

No, you must use only one email account to login, receive the newsletter, answer homework, etc.  The only time a secondary email can be used is to receive access to the Facebook group through an alternate email. 


How to [sic] I update or change my method of payment?

Piper Talladay
Updated 1 year ago
To update your credit card simply visit the homework tool at http://go.evolveartist.com, login, and then click on ‘Profile’ at the top of the Homework tool and once you are there click on the ‘Update Credit Card’ button.
This function is currently only available via computer, laptop, or tablet and will not work if you try visiting via phone.
Instructions are on the page, and if anything strange happens with billing please just get in touch immediately with us so we can work through things with you.

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Can we sell our Evolve assignments?

Updated 3 months ago

Yes! You can certainly sell the paintings made from photographs and your still-life paintings.

There are no credits to Evolve that you need to provide, but if you want to mention the reference was created by Evolve Artist, that would be appropriate!

It is not encouraged to make selling art a focus at the beginning of the program. Your goal should be carefully following and learning the Evolve methods as we teach them. However, if someone loves your homework and wants to purchase it, go right ahead!

Do we continue painting in the Block 1 Method forever?

Updated 3 months ago

The earlier blocks (blocks 1-3) are all foundations for the later approaches. We are creating a solid foundation in value, edge, and color here in blocks 1-3, so the approach is going to be very structured. In blocks 4-8 we will expand on that simple painting method and the approach will feel quite different.If you are worried about painting forever in the block 1-3 methods, know that we will be changing and expanding things in the later blocks! But this simplistic approach is the best way for you to learn value, edge, and color.

As Kevin says: It’s like learning the alphabet. You need the basics first before you can read a novel!


What is in each Block of the Evolve Curriculum?

Piper Talladay
Written 1 year ago
Block 1 – Grayscale Painting from Photographs
Here you will learn the foundations of the program. You will tackle the foundations of grayscale value and edge and will learn by painting from photographs.
Block 2 – Proportional Drawing & Grayscale Oil Painting from Life
In the second block, you will learn how to draw from a still life box. These techniques will give you the ability to draw or paint anything you see with razor-sharp accuracy. You will also begin to paint from life using the grayscale oil painting techniques and your new proportional drawing skills.
Block 3 – Color Oil Painting from Direct Observation
In the third block, you will transition to painting in color, both from photographs and from your still life box.
Block 4 – Direct Painting from Photos
The fourth block focuses on realistic, direct painting from photographs. This is the block where you will begin to create incredibly detailed and realistic paintings.
Block 5 – Vacant Shadows
In the fifth block, you will learn the technique of Vacant Shadows, painting only the lights of your subjects. A technique that falls in line with the works of the old masters, you will be painting both from life and photographs.
Block 6 –  Speed Painting
The sixth block will introduce you to speed painting. Speed painting is a layering technique that allows for lightning-fast results built up over multiple layers. These techniques flawlessly translate into digital mediums.
Block 7 – Puddling
In the seventh block, you’ll begin sculpting your paint with puddling (similar to impasto).  These paintings are generally finished in one sitting and you’ll learn a new technique for applying gradients.  This is another piece of the puzzle by learning new ways to control the brush.
Block 8 – Master Studies
In the eighth block, you will combine and play with the techniques from the previous four blocks to begin pushing your own style in the work you create. Students will also be reproducing copies of Old Master paintings to learn how the masters may have approached paintings.


If I have a question not answered here, who should I ask?

Piper Talladay
Updated 1 year ago
If I have a question not answered here, who should I ask?
  1. Homework Question – Piper (ptalladay@evolveartist.com)

  2. Technical Support Question – customersupport@evolveartist.com

  3. Payment Question – customersupport@evolveartist.com

  4. Shipping Question – customersupport@evolveartist.com  ATTN. Daniel