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Feb 8, 2022: First 1-on-1 Office Hours with Piper

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  • Should we invest in a reusable palette?
    • You can buy a clear glass/acrylic palette, but it’s important to tape the disposable palette underneath because you need to mix paints against that particular gray.
  • Is my current easel setup okay? (I’m using a Go board on a music stand)
    • Yes, as long as there are no holes in the board. You can invest in a cheap table easel first for $15, and upgrade later. If you want to get a standing/table easel, that’s fine but be aware they can be a bit flimsy.
  • Can we get replacement paints, oils, etc?
    • Yes, just email the helpdesk.
  • Can we use a different soap besides the Ivory brand?
    • Yes, but avoid dish soap or scented/colored soaps. Ivory is best because it’s so plain.
  • Best way to save paint?
    • Clove oil and you could get a palette saver.
  • Best studio lighting setup?
    • Ideal to get north-facing windows for more consistent light. If you use artificial light, prefer CRI 90+ Kelvin, 5000K, overhead light above and behind you, no desk lamps.
  • Any further questions
    • [Some of this content is available for patrons only!]

  • First assignment, can I go column by column instead of row by row?
    • Better to do at least two colors, because part of the process is learning how to switch colors in between.