Z_Reading List

Aside from the Bible, which this entire site is dedicated to, these are other books that have touched me, that I feel are worth reading for everyone. Sign up for the mailing list to get bimonthly book/article recommendations!



  • I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist by Frank Turek
  • Stealing From God by Frank Turek
  • The Story of Reality by Greg Koukl
  • Tactics by Greg Koukl
  • Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
  • Letters From a Skeptic by Greg Boyd
  • Cold Case Christianity by J Warner Wallace
  • The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
  • Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side by Natasha Crain
  • Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell
  • Abdu Murray


  • Desmond Doss by multiple authors
  • Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi
  • Captive by Ashley Smith
  • Out From a Far Country by Christopher and Angela Yuan


  • The Book That Made Your World by ????


Biblical Fiction

  • Chronicles of the Kings by Lynn Austen
  • Restoration Chronicles by Lynn Austen
  • Ben-Hur by Lew Wallace

For more full list: see this article

Classic Fiction

  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
  • Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Children’s Fiction