TBC Evolve Artist: Unboxing Box #2


Halfway through Block 2, we have the option to order our next box. My box 2 arrived long before I finished working on block 2 (around early July), so I put it away in my bottom drawer until it was time…

What’s Inside Box #2?

TK YT vid

Thoughts on Unboxing Box #2

A few thoughts:

  • Heavier than box 1! (8 lbs, the box said)
  • Happy to have my curiosity satisfied about which images, exactly, we get to choose from to paint for Block 4, although I’m still quite a ways away from it (as I write this on Oct 30, 2022, when I’ve just started Block 3)
  • And I wish we had instructions about how the selection process works for Block 4 images, but oh well, something to look forward to, I guess!