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Hi, I’m Sarah, a freelance education and e-learning content writer, copywriter, and lifelong bookworm.

I have degrees in allied health and music, but quickly found that my real passion was in the marketplace of ideas, fashioning words and creating mental pictures that help people change their lives from the inside out–by influencing the way they think about their world.

While teaching English to university students and immigrants, I learned to channel my love of teaching, the English language, and wrestling with big ideas into copywriting for thought leaders in the business and health space.

Since then, my writing has been featured on ScaryMommy, ThoughtCatalog, ThriveGlobal, The Writing Cooperative, Better Marketing, and many other publications.

I don’t simply want to treat one person or teach one student, I want to connect people to the ideas, services, and products that will make them into the best versions of themselves.

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You can find more of my favorite popular articles here:

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Work With Me

Once you’ve decided on your content brief (your keyword/topic and goal for the post), I will get right to work. 

You’ll hear from me throughout the writing process to make sure I know exactly what you want to achieve with your post. 

After turning in the work, you can request 2-3 revisions to make your article the best it can be (though most find this unnecessary, thanks to clear communication throughout the writing process!)

And if you aren’t sure about your keyword or goal, I can also work with you to clarify your vision for the post. Just let me know!

Hire a Brilliant Writer

I am a Smart Blogger certified content writer with years of experience writing in a variety of niches. My familiarity with a variety of niches and fields means that I can draw parallels and bring in stories, examples, and a big picture view on any topic. 

I also read, on average, a hundred-plus non fiction books per year) and endlessly curious about everything. When you give me a topic, I will research it until I can translate it into clear, entertaining content for your audience to benefit from. 

After years of writing and millions of words written and published, I’ve also developed a writing system that allows me to consistently create high quality posts for you.

This was one of the most helpful articles I have read...This is exactly why I read as much of your work as I can, Sarah. Keep up the great work!
- Brian K.
Writing/marketing coach

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